Are you living your full potential?

This question immediately resonated with our thirst for learning and was the start to a journey within ourselves. We want to learn more about ourselves and our environment. What is holding us back and what is really unlimited?

That is why we invite you to join us on our personal learning journey to discover our UNLIMITED HUMAN POTENTIALS.

Throughout 2.5 days full of inspirational learning we will prove that most of our limitations only exist in our mind. We invite you to an EO-style, WOW-learning exploration where no perspective of potential is left undiscovered.

Why are some people so extraordinary and what holds others back? What can we learn from the experience of the success and failures of high-performing “unlimited” people?

One part of this journey is that we invited inspiring and energizing speakers to this event to stimulate our minds to see of what we are capable. We promise you will shiver goosebumps and shed tears.

The other part is that we realized on our own journey that theory is not enough. We need time to reflect on our learnings and time to integrate them into our thoughts. That is why we will do EO-style learning rounds to give you the chance to really discover and reflect on your own potential.

  • Have you ever asked yourself what your full potential is?
  • Where does high-performance come from?
  • How do I set up my organisation, environment and myself for high-performance?
  • Why can somebody run a marathon at the arctic circle – in shorts?
  • What is holding you back and how can you overcome these barriers?
  • What can I learn from my failures?
  • How can a 13 year old girl sail around the world on her own?
  • What can I do to avoid age-related diseases?

What can you expect from the Unlimited 2019?

  • EO-style event: 100% no-bullshit.
  • Mind-blowing inspiration on human potential
  • Techniques to survive in the cold and strengthen your immune system
  • How to sail around the world on your own
  • What to do to stay healthy while getting older
  • How to climb a mountain in snow without a shirt
  • Finest German hospitality and best views of the city
  • Best food & drinks of the Northern Hemisphere
  • Locations to feel comfortable while creating an inspiring environment
  • Shared experiences of European EO entrepreneurs

What is EO Unlimited?

Unlimited is the annual multi-day regional learning event for European EO Members (EO members from other regions are more than welcome!) to learn and grow. We have a long history of hosting this event in other major cities (Berlin, Rotterdam, Zurich, Tel Aviv,…) and we are proud and honored to host you in Hamburg in May 2019.

You will be surrounded by entrepreneurs of all stages, listen to world-renowned business leaders speak on a variety of topics, and participate in once-in-a-lifetime social activities.You will meet your peers from other chapters and get in touch with members outside of your forum and chapter, all in a safe environment to learn and grow together. We will take care that you will not feel alone.
Register at the rate of USD 1499 for members and guests.

New Members are eligible for the $500 New Member discount. Please apply the voucher prior to payment on EO Network to receive an immediate discount!

After a great “unlimited” night on Friday, we invite you for myEO Events in Hamburg, where local members share their local favourites. We will also host a gathering for myEO industry groups on Saturday.
The EO Chapter Hamburg is very happy to welcome you and make you feel home.
Are you ready? We are!