On behalf of the Regional Council of EO Europe the Chapter of EO Hamburg is inviting you to the Regional Event EO Unlimited in Hamburg.

We invite you to join us on our inspiring journey to discover the UNLIMITED HUMAN POTENTIALS.

Within 2.5 days full of inspirational learning we want to proof that most of our limitations only exist in our mind. We inivite you to a WOW-learning journey where hopefully no perspective of potentials is left.

Have you ever asked yourself what you full potential is?

Where does high-performance come from?

Why can somebody run a marathon at the arctic circle – in shorts?

How can a 13 year old girl sail around the world on her own?

What can I do to a avoid age-related diseases?

What can you expect from the Unlimited 2019?

  • Mind-blowing inspiration on human potentials
  • Techniques to survive in the cold and strengthen your immune system
  • How to sail around the world on your own
  • What to to to stay healthy while getting older
  • How to climb a mountain in snow without a shirt
  • Finest German hospitality and best views of the city
  • Best food & drinks of the Northern Hemisphere
  • Shared experiences of 180 European EO entrepreneurs